Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Evening walk

This is a first attempt at using the mobile app for blogging.  It seems that summer is finally here....well for today at least.  This evening we have come for a walk to the beach.....I really appreciate being within walking distance of the beach.  Long may the sunshine stay x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Headteacher Award

I'm so proud of James for being awarded a headteacher award.  This is his second one this year.  Each week only one child per year is awarded a certificate, so with approximately 90 children in his year, he has done well to be recognised for his achievements.

James was awarded the certificate for his research on Ancient Greek Soldiers.  He choose  books from the library to assist him in his research.

Despite struggling with dyslexia, James loves books and enjoys learning.  He's making such great progress thanks to his hard work and commitment.  Well done James x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spartan Anderson

James has been learning about Ancient Greece at School and as part of this topic year 3 had a Greek Day, which involved tasting Greek food, creating Olympic events....and of course dressing up.

The school sent home very helpful instructions of how to make a very simple Greek outfit using a sheet....James however didn't want to go dressed in a boring old toga....he wanted to be a Spartan.

A trip to Poundland and Wilko brought some red towing rope, a plastic army helmet and some metallic paint......some papermache-ing, gluing, cutting and painting later we had a Spartan costume.

James had a great day and was pleased with his costume.

Monday, 7 May 2012

May Day

 A welcome break in the rain for May Day Bank Holiday made our day out to Whitstable Castle for the May Day Celebrations a really lovely experience.  We headed off with Shelley and kids, and met up with the Lewers and the Littlewoods at the castle play area.

There was lots for the kids to enjoy....circus school, magic show, Punch and Judy, Morris Dancing displays......

 ...but not before they'd spent some money.

It was face painting for Kaitlyn and Olivia....Two beautiful butterflies.....

 ...and a gun for James (won on the 'prize every time' King Kong Game).   Sophia chose a inflatable hammer.

Once they'd spent all our money they enjoyed the Morris Dancing and Magic Shows.

James persuaded the magic man to make him a balloon rabbit.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Temple Day

Today we visited the temple as a family along with other members of our ward and stake.

Despite the dull, wet weather, we still had a lovely time.  The kids enjoyed the displays and films in the visitors centre, walking in the grounds....and rolling down grassy banks.

We ate our picnic lunch in the visitor centre waiting area, and then both sets of kids headed off with their respective grandparents, giving Matt and I some time to ourselves.

Friday, 10 December 2010


James' Christmas play was 'Babushka' in which he played a Paige. It was nice that the school ensured all the kids had a part to play and all got their time on stage.....some times political correctness is beneficial, both for the children who get to take part and for the parents who actually go to see their child take part....i have posted before about the lack of competition in school, and that kids should get in the real world etc....but it's Christmas and I'm feeling nice, so well done Herne Infants!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wriggley Nativity

Awwww, how sweet was Kaitlyn's first Nativity play. The children sang songs relating to the nativity story, ending with the grande finale 'Wrigley nativity' song....complete with wriggling actions. Kaitlyn was Mary....there were other Marys, but none so cute....a true star x

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